3 Quick Tips For Buying Digital Magazine Software

Shopping for digital magazine software? Here are 3 very quick tips on things to keep in mind as you search for the right platform to publish your digital editions:

Pay Attention To The Pixels

1. Check out the quality of the resolution of the pages. JPGs are much bigger files than html files so in order to increase speed on the internet, many Digital Edition providers compress the files. The compression can pixilate the images and leave your digital edition almost unreadable.

Many publishers are maniacal about the quality of their paper for their print products, but are willing to put up a digital edition that hurts the perception of their product. The digital edition can really broaden reach, but it’s important that digital versions are a reflection of the quality of the print product.

Don’t Leave Your Tools Out

​2. Make sure the navigation tools don’t get in the way. Digital Editions are created by techies and techies sometimes get caught up in their navigation tools and forget that the publisher is showing their product, not the Digital Edition software. Make sure the tools do not take away from the reader’s ability to enjoy the product. Try to find a Digital Magazine provider with a clean look that shows the beauty of your publication not the sophistication of their navigation tools.

The Need For Speed

3. How fast does the Digital Edition load or download. There is a science to getting your pages to show quickly and limit loading “wait” times. When readers flip through your print product, they can do so at the pace they desire. The digital edition should not be much different. If it takes too long for a page to load, the reader might decide it’s not worth the wait and close out the edition. Look for a provider that pays attention this art.

There are other considerations when choosing digital magazine software but these are some of the biggies. We’ll drill down deeper in some of our upcoming articles.

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